Missing Sex and City #TBT


It’s times like these where I miss Sex and the City the most. The show which propelled Manolo Blanc to the top of the fashion charts, the show that introduced the chic single and successful woman, and the show that taught every “simple” girl how to turn into a New Yorker. It taught me about love, it taught me about heart break, but most of all it taught me how to reach for my dreams and pick myself up whenever I was knocked to my knees.




In NYC it’s hard to be an individual, because everyone looks like they just stepped out of a magazine, if you haven’t seen it before, you can bet a dollar you will see it in NYC. The crazier the better, dramatic looks just screaming for attention. You have the down and dirty, the uptown snobs, and the theater mongrels. There are so many different countries, cultures, styles, and types of people that a melting pot would be a word too lightly used. Sex and the City was the show that made me fall in love with the city. With the quarky smells, the hectic hustle and bustle, and the outrageously pricy tags.

city girls

This is the city of dreams, the city of hope, and the city of life. This is the city where you learn to be tough, or die trying. Although I still may be too laid back, to comfortable in my own ways, and sometimes too closed off I am learning to let NYC take me by surprise and dress me in its colorful experiences from day-to-day.


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