Where will I be in 15 years…

I have been so busy this week preparing different applications for jobs, graduate programs, and the like. It feels nice to have some free time and reflect on my life. For some reason, in every class this year they have to ask the ultimate question…Where will you be in 15 years??? How do I know!!! I am trying to plan the next couple of months and I have professors already asking me about my life in 15 years!!!

So I decided to think about it….where would I live? Who would I be? What will my life be like? Here is my imaginary life as a PR professional in 15 years.

Home: In 15 years I want to own my own home, once I get my first job after college, I am going to start saving up for my “dream” loft. I love white walls and wooden floors. There is something so magical about the symmetrical structure of a perfect home, for me that’s a loft.

Blesso Loft

Family: I really want to have a family in 15 years. Currently I am 21, so in 15 years I will be 36. I know it is crazy to predict what kind of family you will have, but let’s face it, as women we have already envisioned the wedding, the names, the genders the whole nine yards. So here is mine.

Girl: Charlotte
Girl: Olivia
Girl: Vivian
Boy: Ryan


Job: OF COURSSSSE I want to work in PR for the rest of my life. In 15 years I hope to be fully ingrained in the world of social media and digital PR. If I can work fashion into it I would be happy, but I won’t limit myself. I want to be happy in my work environment and be surrounded by supportive, innovative, and creative thinkers.


Energy: I feel like this is an important category. I want my energy to be positive, I want to be happy, I want to feel fulfilled. Having important people in my life will help me get there.

So this is my “dream” me in 15 years. What will you be like??

Thanks for reading,


One thought on “Where will I be in 15 years…

  1. This is such a fun post! I always thought I was the only one who thought so far ahead into the future, haha. It’s definitely great to think ahead to keep goals in check. Because of those goals, it makes creating success so much easier!

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