Bows Before Clothes; I bring you ETCHED IN BLACK (PG-13)


*Get ready for a new experience in clothes, a new concept to fashion, and a fresh new perspective to creation. Etched in Black dares to be crazy, edgy, sexy, unique, and individual. We interviewed Anthia, the designer/owner/creative genius and she had some amazing things to say!!!!!

INTERVIEW : Warning pictures do contain image of breasts.

Q:What is Etched in Black, where did the name come from?
A:Etched In Black is more of a state of mind. Etched In Black means that there’s something etched in you that others can see and knowing that, you can just “Be, effortless”. To decide the name I made a list of a few female musicians that I thought embody my brand and I started looked up song lyrics and read interviews, finally one interview grab my attention. It was Allison Mosshart for Interview Magazine and the first 4 words were: “etched in black ink”. I immediately fell in love with the name, dropped the ink and Etched In Black was born.

012_Michael_Rivera_Etched In Black_x 150 dpi copy
Q: When did Etched in Black go from a dream to a reality?
A: November 9th 2012! I already designed a line, shot it, but wasn’t happy with the direction it was taking. So I ended up scraping it. Basically I had a name and nothing to sell!!! Then I decided to grow my hair out and the whole headband thing took off and the rest is history.

Q: What are some struggles you find being that you are a new designer in an industry that is so competitive?
A: Most of the struggles I face are internally, you always have that doubt whether or not what you did was good enough once you put it out there. Other than that, I personally tend to stay away from all the cattiness and drama in the industry, that’s the main reason I left the “Fashion World”. You just focus on building your brand and creating new and exciting things, then the whole idea of competition becomes oblivious.
004_Michael_Rivera_Etched In Black_x 150 dpi copy

Q: What makes your style stand out from all the rest?
A: Our honesty about our strengths; we’re not here to blow your mind with our award winning beading or magnificent draping skills. There’s already a Galliano and a Jean Paul Gaultier. We embrace the fact that we’re not here to reinvent the wheel. We take basic ideas and amplify them in a way that is unique to our consumers, but still represents our brand. Most importantly we’re here to have fun, we try to be versatile from edgy to business, it all comes with the flow of inspiration.

009_Michael_Rivera_Etched In Black_x 150 dpi copy

Q: Where did you find inspiration for Etched in Black come from?
A: I know it’s a cliché, but EVERYWHERE!!! I never lost my child like enthusiasm, so I’m always fascinated by things and what to know more. I was recently watching CSI NY and they mentioned something about a lady named Evelyn McHale and how Life magazine called her death the most beautiful suicide. I immediately started to research her and now I have all these ideas for possible art work for a tee or even a line of pearls.

Q: What’s your favorite piece you have designed so far?
A: I love the Jerrica headband, which was obviously inspired by Jem. It took me a few weeks to prefect the design and even though it looks quite simple it was actually difficult to create. I still have to look at the instructions I drew to sew it properly.


Q: What do you have planned for the upcoming months?
A: In the next few months, we will have men shirts available for purchase; And for the first time we’ll be producing our very first clothing range.

Q: Where can readers get Etched in Black clothes, accessories, etc. ?
A: At the moment, you can only get EIB merchandise from our webshop at:

THANKS FOR READING!!! TO get more information about Etched in Black follow them on Twitter or like them on Facebook


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