Can we talk about Vine…?

Everyone who has read my blog can easily tell I have an obsession with all things social media, technology, fashion, and entertainment. This past week Coco Rocha had tweeted about a new app called Vine, she stated that it might be the end of Istagram. Well naturally I was intrigued, what can be better than filtered pictures, hashtages, and a mobile gallery???

I immediately downloaded vine and OMG this app is really one of a kind. Vine is an app geared toward the comedic, visual, and storyteller guy or gal. You upload six second videos, which can be just a static stream of one content, or can feature a serious of different shots.

photo (97)

This app marks the beginning of a new area for PR and Marketing, where the basis of the profession lies in the exposure of ones client through the visual and visceral eye. Most people, as stated by so many great PR professionals, are visual. You are attracted to what you see, yes words play a crucial part in enticing that consumer to engage in the product, but lets face it everyone has six seconds to watch a video and chances are it won’t be the only one.

photo (96)

Most famously used, Vine is exploited beyond boundaries in this year’s New York Fashion Week. I can see every catwalk, every dress, and every moment from the comfort of my own bed by clicking on vine. From the new and exciting Prabal for Target to the breathtaking and interesting Lacoste collection, it is all on this tiny and FREE app.

*Want to learn how to use this nifty new app??? Look no further I attached a video that will make the process as easy as can be.


3 thoughts on “Can we talk about Vine…?

  1. I have an GS3 and i saw someone post a video from “vine” the other day in twitter and I had no idea what was going on. This app looks pretty awesome and unfortunately it isn’t available yet for Android devices

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