Branding yourself as a Fashionista

Hey guys sorry I haven’t blogged in a while I have been doing so much research for my final project and looking for great new things to show you.

As a PR girl in the most competitive industry, fashion and entertainment, I think it is important to be ahead of the game. With that said, I have learned some essential tools that will need to be built up this week.

1. Facebook like page: Unlike your regular Facebook page, this one will be specifically geared toward the professional industry. Something you can share, tweet, and spread around so that companies can check out your credibility and get to know you a little. It is a great way to share your expertise and get some new followers.

2. Twitter: I have a personal twitter where I love sharing the knowledge I have gained in the world of fashion, entertainment, and PR. Follow the companies you want to work for, find out what is new, when will they have opening, it will help you get on top of the game before others.

Also for my senior project I will have an additional Twitter that will be dedicated to BCBG, since my project is called “The Wannabe BCBG Girl”. It will link to tumblr, a facebook group, linkedin, youtube, and my new blog.

3. Website: This week I will be working on getting a website together so that I can document all the things I have done. Since my internship is outside of the fashion and entertainment industry I still want companies to know that I am versatile and am able to function in world of fashion and entertainment even though I am not interning in that department. Having a website is a great way to showcase yourself.

4. Youtube: For my project I will have a youtube specifically geared toward BCBG. Where I will make 1-3 min videos about the company. This is a great way to show how you interact with the camera under pressure, and also your communication abilities.

5. Job titles: Everyday I am learning of new job titles that I am actually qualified for. Entry level is hard to describe and many companies find different positions they deem to be entry-level. The best thing to do now, since I am graduating in August, is look for those job titles and try to find something.

Most of all don’t stress!!! There are so many opportunities out there and you will find them. Just keep on networking, working hard, and thinking in a creative fashion and everything will turn out to be okay.

PR Girl

p.s. get ready for some major Grammy pics tomorrow đŸ™‚


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