The New BCBG Girl

I guess congratulations are in order, after a long job hunt to find a part-time job finally BCBG called me for an interview. I got all dressed up, teal blazer and a black long-sleeved shirt with sparkling studs crawling the length of my shoulder pads. I came into the store with confidence. Two resumes attached, a work resume and my “college” resume, with all the internships and skills that I have collected over the years.

BANG second interview an interactive. I had to call my internship and ask to reschedule I mean come on this is BCBG and I am as broke as any average college student is. So there I was talking to customers, grazing my hands on a neon coral colored blazer and examining what could turn out to be my second home.

SLAM I GOT THE JOB!!!! In two weeks after my paperwork all goes through I will be gracing the doors of BCBG as the New BCBG Girl and boy does it feel good. Good-bye waitressing, good-bye working with food, hello clothes, hello gorgeous clients, and hello accessories.

I love BCBG their vibrant colors, sleek style, and their diverse look is so intoxicating. I love how they went with the strucute trend. They have these adorable motorcycle jackets that are made with an array of colors and layered in a way that you really have to uncover different division of the jacket. Each piece of clothing tells a story and I’m going to spend my time uncovering them one by one.

Runway BCBG

photo (73)

photo (74)

Celebrities and their BCBG

photo (72)

photo (71)

photo (75)

This is going to be a fun time
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