From the Runway to Books

Erin Lowe is a guest writer. She is smart, fun, and a creative thinker. Well read and stylish this girl has it all.

As an avid reader and lover of fashion I find myself drawn to the big fashion tomes with the beautiful covers. Not only are these books fun to pursue, they can be helpful to anyone interested in fashion. From the history to the designers to breaking into a career in fashion here are some of my favorites.

The History
-100 Years of Fashion by Cally Blackman (2012): gives the basic history of fashion from the 20th century until today.

fashion history

Fashion history 2

-100 Years of Fashion Illustration by Cally Blackman (2007): a history of fashion illustration including the development and technique. (Not the most recent but still a great read.)

100 years of fashion

purple fashion

The Designers
-Fashion: 150 Years of Couturiers, Designers, Labels by Charlotte Seeling (2012): a history of American fashion designers from the 19th century until today.


-Fashion: The 50 Most Influential Fashion Designers of All Time (Icons of Culture) by Bonnie English (2010): a history of the most famous haute couture designers.

red fashion

For more on individual designers here are a few more suggestions:
-Alexander McQueen: Evolution by Katherine Gleason (2012)

Alexander McQueen

-Chanel: The Vocabulary of Style by Jerome Gautier (2011)


-Christian Louboutin (2011)


-Yves Saint Laurent by Florence Chenoune and Farid Muller (2010)

Saint Yves

The Photography
-Avedon Fashion: 1944-2000 (2009) by Vince Aletti, Philippe Garner, Willis Hartshorn, Carol Squiers


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