Super Sunday ; Fashion Fun Day

Dressing for the football party with fashion and class and a little bit of sass.

Shoes: Personally I’m a big fan of combat boots, for this Super Bowl season I decided to bring the glamorous tough girl out and show those boys what it was really about.

photo (51)

Pants: Or in this case pleather leggings. These will look great with studded boots. They are comfortable and sexy, just what you need to have fun and be fine 😉

photo (52)

Shirts : Jersey time ladies!! It is time to pick your favorite team. Will it be the red and gold 49ners or the purple and white Ravens???

photo (53)

Nails: You can’t go to a party without outrageouse looking nail art! can you?? These are some of the fun looks i’ve seen and picked out.

photo (57)

photo (56)

Hair: Personally I have long hair so when I go to parties I like to find a cute way to put it up so it doesn’t get in my way. I think that sock buns are super effective, cute, and easy to do. Also french braids provide that sophisticated look and keep your bangs out-of-the-way. To add a little spirit I like to add a headband.

photo (55)

Make-up : Inspired by the two team’s colors purple and gold, these looks will make your eyes shine and the color pop.

photo (54)

Thanks for reading,

Enjoy your Super Bowl sunday


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