Fashion Week in Stockholm Sweden

It’s fashion week in Stockholm!!! What were your favorite looks?? Here are mine. STREET CHIC and RUNWAY GLORY!!!

photo (39)

Don’t mind at all if RED becomes the color of 2013!!! Vibrant and sharp this color looks great on blondes, wink wink!!!

photo (40)

Yellow, plaid, black, and leather what more do you need this season!!!

photo (42)

Rawr!!! Leopard is here to stay!!! I couldn’t be happier to see it on the streets of Sweden

photo (47)

The funky gypsy like blazer is perfect!!! I love to see people smile in Fashion Week, I know I would be!!

photo (49)

You know you are in Sweden when all you see is BLONDES!!!!

photo (43)

Sharp lines and structure seems to be the hot ticket in 2013

photo (44)

Fur, fur, fur!!!! Whether you like it or not it seems to be a popular choice for designers in Stockholm

photo (46)

White after labor day?? I think so!!! The elegant and sophisticated look is just enchanting!!!

photo (45)

I love the diverse color ranged that was demonstrated on the runway. It is times for pastels and like colors!!

photo (48)

Runway shows are hard work I wanted to give a shout out to all the make-up artists, hair dressers, designers, models, crew, and staff for making this incredible event.

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