Top 5 Twitter Accounts you have to Follow

Twitter can be your ticket to building relationships, keeping up with fashion news, trends, and so much more. There are certain star twitter accounts that I have found the most helpful. Here are the top 5 twitter accounts that will change your life forever, I totally mean it.


1. Coco’s Tea Party (@cocosteaparty) : The London-based blogger makes it easy to keep up with the ever-changing world of fashion. Her articles are always interesting and unique.



Just a few days ago I read about a party where the pastries were made to look like little handbags!!!! Totally want to try to do that now. She is always timely with her updates (upcoming designers, models, trends), which keeps me on my toes and helps me stay connected to the world of fashion that I love so much.


2. DKNY PR GIRL(R) (@dkny) : In the world of PR connecting with your audience is key!!! DKNY’s PR girl does just that. She is funny and fashionable. She is trendy and hip. I used to read all her tweets when she talked about the #Revenge tv series.


She is caddy at times and it totally fits her twitter persona. I love the way she interacts with her twitter followers!!! I always wake up to read her tweets and find out what’s new in fashion and what’s going on with DKNY.


3. NYC PR Girls (@nycprgirls) : An amazing blog that shows you the lives of some hardworking fashion PR divas. With lots of funny pictures, helpful articles, and motivational tweets I think this twitter accounts will not only help you but will cheer you up.


They give great advice on how to pitch stories, gain twitter followers, do an e-mail cover letter (which I just did on Friday), and a bunch of other really great tricks and tips for the PR industry. This is an account that you want to keep close to the top of your list.

pr couture

4. PR Couture (@PR_Couture) : This twitter account is a great tools for finding jobs in the Fashion PR industry, for gaining instructional tips in the professional world, and for gaining connections.


The best part of PR Couture is when you need help Crosby is there, she is the owner. Recently I struggled with the decision of applying for different PR firms.


I was looking for the perfect one to fit my personality, that way I could really shine and enhance my potential. Crosby helped me pick out a couple PR firms where she thought I could fit in. It was great to get a quick and helpful reply.


5. Your Coffee Break (@UrCoffeeBreak) : This UK-based lifestyle magazine is geared toward the professional world of women. Apart of the blog being totally awesome with articles like how to get noticed and stay memorable, how to build an exceptional business, and how multi-tasking actually does more harm than good, the twitter account actually has more to do with your personal opinion as the reader.


Your Coffee Break likes to question and engage with its followers. With endless giveaways and lots of connections their tweets are never boring. I love the humorous tone that the account follows and it really does brighten my day to read their tweets.


*I am a twitter addict and honestly I think that twitter is a great tool for crafting the perfect contact list. Personally I put all my favorite fashion bloggers, companies, and fashion pr firms that I love in one list. That way I can have access to information in seconds.

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