Jewelry for a Cause

It’s Friday!!!!! We survived another glorious week of working, studying, interning, and many more obstacles that fill our day. I’m feeling a bit nostalgic, it could be from the overflow of cold medicine wheezing through my blood stream, regardless, I really wanted to make a post about a designer who has not only impacted the fashion industry but also society. I know you will like this heart warming and innovative story, maybe it will inspire you, maybe it will just make you think, either way I’m happy to share.


It takes real courage to base your whole business around the giving to others. Jessica Mindich originally started the company, Jewelry for a Cause, in 2008. Formerly a Connecticut lawyers, Jessica never thought of herself as a jewelry designer. Her business donates 20% of all sales to non-profit organizations.


Just recently Jessica Mindich started a new line of jewelry called Caliber. The gorgeous sleek bangles are created from recycled guns and pistols that were confiscated by police in Newark, N.J. The name Caliber comes from the caliber of a gun and also from the fact that a city’s caliber raises when guns are taken off the street. As always 20% of the sales will go to a good cause, this time the money will go to a program in Newark called the gun buyback program.


PR Note: umm hello!!!! Ever heard of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) it is a great way for a fashion line to stand out from all the rest. Doing something good whether it is making jewelry and donating the proceeds, helping the environment, or treating your employees exceptionally well, these acts get noticed on tv, on blogs, and in newspapers.


*originally read from check out the article here

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