How about that tiny little leather jacket…

The tough girl act is back on!!! It adds a little spunk to your everyday style, whether you are in LA or NYC you can spot celebrities with the popular little jacket.

photo (35)

Good-bye Hannah Montana. Her jacket is matched well with the dark pants and cute dark loafers. With her bleach blonde hair and fair skin she really looks well put together.

photo (36)

Mariah Carey looks comfortably chic. She can pull of that edgy hip hop look without even trying. her loose long hair and big dramatic sunglasses keep that diva look intact.

Sarah Jessica Parker on the school run

Like mother like daughter, Sarah Jessica Parker looked so adorable as she walked the streets with her beautiful daughters sporting a matching ensemble.

photo (38)

The real queen of pop rock wearing a studded jacked can be attributed to the ever fabulous Fergie. Married life hasn’t stopped the gorgeous singer from dazzling the red carpet photographers with her stripped tight pants and her sparkling eye-catching jacket.

photo (37)

Demi Lovato always manages to surprise me. She has gone through a lot of transitions as an artist and as a fashion icon. I think the mix between the bohemian skirt and the leather jacket is a great combo. The bright colors on the skirt bring out her complexion and the easy on the eyes jacket balance the whole outfit out. Totally a great choice for Ms. Lovato.

Thanks for reading!!! Stay tuned for tomorrow, a jewelry business with a cause. The pieces are drop dead gorgeous!!! A great way to gain PR and do something good for the community.


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