British Music Queens, Fashion Divas

I have to say one thing, I love the Brits. They are so stylish, they are so exciting, and they are risk takers. If you haven’t realized already, I am huge into the “off the beaten path” kind of fashion. You don’t have to be mainstream, cookie-cutter to look fabulous in my opinion. That is why I love Ellie Goulding’s, Jessie J’s, and Cher Lloyd’s style. All three of these ladies really put the power in modern style.


1. Ellie Goulding: Recently performed in NYC. This woman is just incredible, from her soft toned melodic beats and lyrics, to her cute knitted hats. She loves to wear those lacy tights and never misses out on the opportunity to wear an oversized sweater. The princess of 80’s retro punk and personally my icon both in music and fashion. I love her style!!!


2. Jessie J: Famously known for her sharp bangs and short hair, her lips have been painted with the flag of England, sparkles, and so much more. I noticed, looking through her photos, that she is often drawn to black and yellow. Makes sense since her fair skin and midnight hair, make yellow a perfect color to make her features pop. NOTICE her shoes!!! From leopard print to black studded beauties, she really knows how to accessories.

Jessie J

3. Cher Lloyd: I first fell in love with Cher after her audition on the X-Factor. Her ghettolicious, tough girl, yet girly style makes her always interesting to look at. She is dynamic; from her beautiful brown her to her spicy red cut she catches my eye. Just like Jessie J, Cher loves her shoes!!! Her sneaker wedges and high tops can always be visible wherever she goes.



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