Must Have Accessories for 2013

accessories to die for; courtesy of Cameo PR


1. LaLucca: artsy and edgy it’s everything that you would want in a handbag or clutch. Love the splash of color,


they mystery of painted faces, the originality of shapes?? Well you will love LaLucca’s bags!!!!


Exotic and sexy I am dyiiiiiing to get my hands on one of their handbags.

Sima K: Calling herself the Queen of Gems would not be false at all!!!


This gorgeous jewelry designer embodies an exotic, sophisticated and trendy persona.


Every piece of jewelry is dramatically different but all the pieces are a treasure in themselves.


Don’t believe me??? Check out the site for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.


Celeb Boutique: Sexy tight little dress, celebrity wearing fashionistas, if this sounds like you then check out Celeb Boutique.


In so many different colors featuring so many cuts and looking so dazzling on all the celebs,


I’m positive this will be a trending style for 2013.


Thanks for reading, check out Cameo PR for some more exciting new brands and companies that are fashionable and trendy.


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