The Power of Technology in the Fashion Industry


Designed by: B for Bel

Social media venues play a vital role in advertising or campaigning for a new fashion trend. The power of the internet leads many trendsetter, followers, and fashionistas thirsty for something new to devour. The three clips I chose to show will demonstrate the effect that technology has had on fashion consumers, creators, and companies.


1. Woolmark – Fashion by Feelings Social Media campaign case study

This case study demonstrated the usage of social media with the goal of building an emotional connection with its consumers. By doing so the company managed to attract free press (bloggers, fashion designers, etc.) as well daily consumers through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. Their clothing contest was a genius idea. It “forced” people not only to read through but to engage in the company and thus grow loyalty, branding, and affection for Woolmark. Enjoy the video.


2. Google Chrome: Julie Deane

ChromeUK Advert Julie Dean

Google Chrome’s genius concept of showing innovation and creation through the usage of their tools not only highlighted the browsers; but the email, the chat, and every other aspect of the software. I loved the soft playing music that went along with this artsy sort of creative process feeling. I really connected with this video and ended up watching it like six or seven times!!! This is truly a great way for google to show its qualities and highlight a designer at the same time. Win win for all!! Check out Google chrome’s other videos to see more ideas being created by people like you.



Where to get the stylish bag??? Right HERE and the pricing is not bad at all if you are willing to pay for shipping 😉

3. WWDMAGIC Connects Fashion through Social Media & Techology


I have to say that my computer shut down on me mid video watching and I almost cried. It took me 30 min of constant searching and searching, writing different things into the YouTube search bar and just trying my luck and THANK GOD i found it!!! This video is soooo WORTH IT!! WWD Magic might just be the greatest thing ever created in the 21st century of PR!!!! The short yet informative video lets you see the workings of a MASSIVE WWD Magic Fashion Trade Show . There are different shows that happen at the same time showcasing new fashion trends, styles, brands you name it and everything is streamed online and through different social media venues!!! GENIUS!!!!!!


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