Top 5 Fashion Apps to Keep you Trendy


As a PR person keeping up with trends is a must, that is why i compiled this list of the 5 best Fashion Apps to help you do just that.


1. The New York Time’s The Collection App – although only available on ipads it brings together all the fashion coverage offered by Thursday and Sunday Styles, T Magazine, The Moment and The International Herald Tribune!!!



Download now at the Apple Store :

*To read more about this neat app, check out the NYTimes article : The Debut of the Collection

2. Wanelo Shopping – This awesome app offers both shopping and entertainment. The coolest thing about this app is, it offers you streams of unique products online that are posted by people just like you. Build wishlits and see what people are raving about.



Download now at the Apple Store:

3. Pose – Allows you to check out the trendiest outfits out there. What’s more??? You can individually click on each item in the picture and find out from where, what, and who made it!!! Finally you can follow top stylists and designer and check out upcoming trends and outfits.


If you loved this app, you should download it right away!!!

4. Fashion Police – Love your opinion to be known? Find yourself an expert of fashion with a sharp tongue and an edgy sense of humor?? This app is perfect for you!! There are polls, Bitch stole my look, the do’s and don’t of the red carpet and so much more.




5. Tendabl – Got a hint from the name?? If you love instagram you are going to LOVVVE this app!!! You can upload photos, filter them to your liking, tag them with information, and share it with your friends.



Thanks for reading

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