How to Prepare for a Fashion Internship Interview


STEP 1: Resume should be prefect. Every university, college, even community will have a career center. GO TO THE CAREER CENTER!!! Make sure you have your resume complete and then proceed to go to the career center to get it checked out. Why not use the professionals provided for you at your school?? They can check formatting, spelling, language, grammar, etc.


STEP 2: Portfolio should be put together. Don’t worry if you don’t have a portfolio yet. Your portfolio should have your resume, press releases, advertisements you have worked on, or anything that can be taken from your previous internships, jobs, or experiences in the industry you are applying for. If this is your first internship and you don’t have ANY past experience don’t stress. If you have a fashion, celebrity, or any kind of blog put in a couple of your best entries. Make sure that they were edited by another set of eyes, so that all the spelling and grammar are correct. If you don’t have a blog, well it is easy as 1-2-3 to create one. WordPress and blogspot are great for starting a blog. What better way to show you are an expert than to write about it. If you have enough time, ask to guest write for the school paper, having something published is better than having nothing at all. Any writing samples are a PLUS!!!


*If you want to stand out make sure to add any experience that would set you aside from other applicants, such as video editing (EPK, interviews, news-reel, etc.). If you worked on the radio station make sure to have some demos to show your experience in public speaking, writing, and entertainment. ANYTHING that makes you DIFFERENT will make you UNIQUE.

Want to know more about portfolios and how to construct an effective one for your interview??? Check out Portfolio for Public Relations Students

STEP 3: Linked in, this might sound silly but following your company and finding the exact person you are sending your resume to, will help them get to your resume quickly, know and see who you are, and remember you from all the rest of the paper applicants.


check out the 7 Do’s and Don’ts for Fashion Job Inquires via Linkedin

STEP 4: Apply!!!!! Apply to as many and always adjust your cover letter so it individually fitted to each company. You don’t want to send the same one out to everyone because otherwise it will sound robotic.

If you want to make a solid cover letter then click on How To Make Your Fashion Stylist Cover Letter Sparkle And Shine


STEP 5: All there is left is just to wait….. If you hear from any of them schedule an interview and give yourself time to prepare.

successful business woman on a laptop

Follow FSUfashiongirl to find out more helpful tips on how to prepare for an interview

make sure to look through these YouTube videos, they give great advise on how to physically prepare for your interview.

* Don’t forget that it takes people less than a minute to make up their mind about you, don’t let your appearance be the downfall ESPECIALLY in fashion.


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